All aspiring players are clever—you should know that too well. Even in playing Slither, there are various cheats that you could try in order to win the game and dominate among them. So, how do you exactly play like a pro using cheats and hacks? Here are some tips that you should always keep in mind:


  • If you are already a large snake, most of the other people will try to take you down. Therefore, in order to avoid getting killed on the spot, you should immediately go to the borderland where there are less people and more opportunity to take down your target prey.
  • If you’re still a small snake that is prone by being eaten of larger snakes, just keep on boosting on the right time in order to escape from those who would want to take you down.
  • You should only do this when you think you are large enough—circle a snake who’s already circling out a smaller snake too so that you can take both of them. Do not take a risk if you’re still small because you can just get killed on the spot/
  • Prevent yourself from having head collisions with other snakes because it can be quite frustrating and the one who will die from the said collision is randomly picked—regardless of the size of the two snakes.
  • If you are getting attacked by larger snakes, prevent them from taking you down by simply circling yourself around you so that they won’t have a chance to eat you or just simply stay on the outside.


Playing Slithers is so much fun if you know how to utilize the aforementioned cheats accordingly. Being clever is the key to success if you wanted to be on top of the leader board.